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Create Awesome Newsletters

Easily build and send professional email newsletters and campaigns…

Design your email with ease

Our template builder is easy to use and you can start creating beautiful and professional newsletters straight away. There is nothing to pay, and you are free to start designing your emails and testing our simple software. We are proud to offer great pricing, and you will only be asked to pay when you are ready to send your newsletter campaigns.

We have plenty of free layouts and designs to get you started, each template is optimised specifically for emailing and our system will automatically create a mobile version of your email without you needing to pay a mobile designer.

Looking for something completely custom? We do offer a fixed price email design service too.

Design your email
Add your words and pictures

Add your words and pictures

After choosing a layout, you are ready to start adding your wording, headings, links, logos and any pictures you need.

With our editor, you can easily and quickly personalise your content so that everybody who receives your emails will get the personal touch from you.

We do believe there is no other email editor out there that will offer you such a simple way to build your own newsletters!

Preview your email

Preview your email as you build it, by simply switching to the ‘preview link’ to see how your newsletter will look on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Our software automatically creates a mobile version of your newsletters, we are regularly seeing around 50% of emails being open and read on Apple devices alone. No need to hire a mobile developer as we have everything covered for you, and you don’t even need to think about it.

Preview your email
Send a lovely newsletter

Send a lovely newsletter

When you are ready to go, you have previewed and feel happy to send. It’s as simple as choosing your list of subscribers and starting the send.

In addition to the email you put together, we automatically create the mobile version and a text based version for you – Our super smart delivery system will naturally pick the best version to help your email get delivered.

You don’t need to worry about contacts that unsubscribe to your news, we will take care of them for you (And report on everything so you get to see it all).

Track everything!

Our reporting section is our favourite part. We give you a real-time analysis of every single piece of activity that has taken place with your email.

Find out who is opening it (as they open it), how often, what they do with it, who they share it with and much more – It’s very comprehensive and you get to see it all with a very slick and lovely reporting dashboard that is very easy to understand.

We also have a real-time ‘Worldview’ where you can view pinpoint map popups showing you exactly who and where your emails are being opened (Our email clients absolutely love this!).

Track everything!

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We prefer to show you rather than tell you how good our system is. Setting up an account takes seconds and you get to test all our amazing email features without spending a penny.

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