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All the latest news, announcements and emailing tips from GoMyEmails! have joined East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber has been supporting local businesses for over 100 years and we looking forward to working with them for another 100 years.Special offer for East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

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Using the experiences of our email marketing team and some of the regular questions from clients and prospective clients alike we have put together our top six email marketing tips for success. In the hope that you will improve your email marketing results.

This lists is not exhaustive and barely touches the surface of email marketing and its complicated uses in a modern business for this 21 st century.

Top six email marketing tips for success

Number one, the top dog the one everyone must comply too, only email people who have genuinely opted-in to reveive email from you. Do not buy in lists from list brokers is our advice, as we have seen from experience that bought in lists do not work. Remember we must all comply with the CAN SPAM Act when collection email addresses legally.

Number two on our list is as important as number one, content is king. Spending time on your content and subject line is not a wasted opportunity, as good quality well written copy will encapture the interest of your reader and enable you to achieve your targets and goals.

Third on the list, personalise your emails, remember when we used to do things by post.. maybe I am showing my age now, but letters addressed to dear sir, where always for my Dad, and letters address dear Carl where always opened first. So remember this when you are emailing your clients.

Number four is simple have clear and concise calls to action, if you want readers to see your special offers make them clear and simple to follow in your email.

Number five is one for your email marketer provider, make sure that your email is tested in different email clients, as your email may look great in mozilla thunderbird, but how does it look on an apple mac?

An finally number six remember to include a plain text version of each of your html emails, as lets face it not everyone can read them, espeically when you consider the rise of the mobile phone as a serious email client contender for the 21st century.

We hope that you have found these top six email marketing tips of some use, if you would like further assistance with improving your email marketing success please contact the team on

With so much to do and so little time, how do we all manage to stay in touch with our customers and clients?

We all have the same number of hours in every day, so how do people and businesses that always seem to excel keep doing it?

Time Management and Email Marketing

Time management is a task that when done well makes life so much simpler, wouldn’t it be great if we all managed to finish that list of jobs we have to do today. Now you are thinking why is a website about email marketing talking about time management, to put it simply, using email marketing systems can be your secret ‘salesman’ he is the employee that never forgets and works for you 24 hours a day, making regular timely contact with your clients and customers.

Email marketing is about more than just an ‘e-blast’ of information, it can and should be an interactive affair, between you and your customer base.

Imagine if you will that the team had waved our magic wand when you sent your last email, and we had set up an auto responder to send a follow up email 24 hours later to your customers who had clicked a specific link lets say about your leading product or service in your original email. Your ‘secret’ salesman then followed up with a time limited discount or special offer about that very service that your customer had just yesterday shown an interest in, wouldn’t that improve your sales? Without you doing anything at all…

To see what auto responder emails can do for you and your business sign up to our four part email about auto responders here:

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Email marketing by

Email Marketing Auto Responder

Example of an email marketing auto responder email marketing is enabled to provide email auto responders. These email auto responders can be used to automatically email your data that has opted in, or subscribed to receive your email. Dependent upon how much information you collect from your data base as to name, business name, geographic location, sex, date of birth, renewal dates or their favourite colour, different email can be sent at any given time frame to each or groups dependent upon preferences that you set.

You may well ask what is an auto responder?

Wikipedia’s answer is “An auto responder is a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex.”

What are the benefits of using an email marketing auto responder?

    • Essentially auto responders are a great way of efficiently contacting your subscribers on a regular basis, without the need to write individual emails to each recipient.
    • Automatically send follow up email to people who have bought from you or your business in the past.
    • Automatically send different emails to your subscribers based upon set preferences.
    • Develop longer term relationships with your subscribers.
    • Branding via html emails.
    • Fully functional back end statistics on how opened your emails, when, how many times etc. Via our secure login area.
    • Generate repeat business or sales

Automated email marketing can work for you.

When considering that the reported effective frequency or the amount of times people need to be exposed to your product, services or brand before they buy, is seven times, relying purely on your website is just not enough.

But by using auto responder email marketing you can achieve the dream 7 so much quicker.

With auto responder email marketing once potential clients sign up to your email mailing list, you can use our services to schedule a series of 2, 4, 6 or even 10 automatic emails to be sent to each subscriber at separate intervals over any given period of time following their sign up to your email mailing list.

As an example, a person subscribed or opted-in to your mailing list today, you have scheduled a series of 4 auto responder emails to be sent on regular intervals of 24 hours.

The first email will go tomorrow with lets say a brief introduction to your products/services.

The second will go the day after tomorrow, with a link to a free e-book or magazine such as

The third will go 72 hours from the initial sign up offering a specific time limited offer for your product or services.

The fourth with go 84 hours after with an email showing the other things that people also bought when the purchased the offer from the day before.

That’s five out of your seven effective frequency, already completed, that’s five times you have put your company, your brand, your products/services in front of your potential client/customer. One of the best examples of specific auto responders is, Amazon tracks and remembers every purchase, even the last items you looked at when you are on their website.

And what appears in the next email you receive from them, these are the things that other people bought when they looked at similar items.

It’s a no-brainer that auto responder email marketing can help increase your companies sales, and the best thing is that once you’ve setup the email marketing auto responder, you don’t need to do anything else apart from look at the results.

So what is your next step?

Try one of our online demo’s, we are so confident that our email marketing auto responders work we have used them ourselves. Sign up to:

Our four part email auto responder course:

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The Email Marketing team have produced a best practice check list for you to use when creating your email marketing campaign. So lets start with the essentials:

Email Marketing Check List

Email Marketing Check List

Email Marketing Legal Requirements

  • 1.An obvious unsubscribe policy, thats clear and easy to understand for your reader.
  • 2.Your business details including your company registration number if you are a limited company, of LLP – thats name, address and contact details are clearly displayed within your email.
  • 3.Your email data, has come from a legitimate source. Take a look at our post entitled How to collect email addresses legally.

Email Campaign Look and Feel

Example of email marketing branding

Example of email marketing branding

  • 1. Your email campaign should reflect your companies brand identity, for example a reflection of your logo, and company website.
  • 2. Links within your email should either specific for this campaign, or you should at least be able to monitor the traffic from each individual campaign using something like Google analytic’s as well as the statistical feedback we provide via our secure login area. See our article entitled Understanding and using your email marketing results
  • 3. Your email should have a clear theme throughout. Find out more about What should your message say in your email here.
  • 4. Engage your readership with great copy for more information about copywriters read our article.
  • 5. Sent from address – from our experience it is best to send it from your own domain, and preferably from an individual within your organisation that your readership can relate to.
  • 6. Personalisation of email marketing – make sure that your email doesn’t start with “Dear Sir” or just “Dear blank” make it personal. Take a look at our blog post all about the email marketing personalisation issue.
  • 7. Subject Line– remember this is often the first thing your readership will see. In fact it is so important we have dedicated a whole post to the subject. The Importance of headers that get noticed.
  • 8. SPAM proof your email before you send it. Deliverability of email is one of the key reasons for using email marketing and failing to SPAM Test your email pre send is one way of making sure that your email will NOT be delivered, even some everyday words are filtered. Take a look at our article from May 2011, entitled How to Pass Email Spam Filters

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you enough of an idea, when planning your email marketing campaign. If you would like our help on any of the points raised simply complete the form below and we will call you back.

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Bluetooth marketing or proximity marketing is a form of digital customer relationship marketing, aimed at the mobile phone user.

Bluetooth Marketing

1. Although this technology isn’t new, let’s face it we have been using Bluetooth to connect to wireless hands free kits for years, but when you consider that there are nearly 33.1 million mobile phone subscribers* in the UK there is a huge marketing potential to take advantage of.

2. Bluetooth marketing is currently one of the most innovative tools for engaging customers in the UK. Bluetooth can be used to engage customers in your immediate area, generally within a fixed radius of where the access point is based.

3. Your access point could be based at your office, showroom, shop or place of business, or if you were looking for business further afield, in a major town, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, Burnley or Preston, you can be as creative as you want.

4. Bluetooth or proximity marketing is permissions based marketing activity, based on the opt-in marketing system compliant with CAN-SPAM. Individuals must first confirm to accept your message before they receive it, should they decide not to receive your messages, and they will not be offered them again.

5. Bluetooth marketing can be used to send a number of different types of messages to multiple recipients at any one time, for instance if the system is used to its maximum you could reach up to 24,000 recipients in just one working day.

Messages content and design can vary, from, Get 50p off the price of coffee, Here’s my business card, Visit our event or exhibition, or just to visit our website (bear in mind that 91% of the adult population has access to a mobile phone and with 33.1m 3G service*contracts in existence that’s a lot of people that can access the net on their mobile phone).

Bluetooth marketing is a cost effective, flexible, measurable method of engaging with potential customers. If you would like to know more about what Bluetooth marketing could do for your business arrange a call back using the form below:

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*Facts and figures from Ofcom

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of engaging with your customers, clients and prospects, and much of email marketing through the customer lifecycle can be automated to maximise impact.

Road to good emails

Road to good emails

By using the customer lifecycle to trigger emails, based on the recipients responses to previous email marketing campaigns, you can increase your chances of generating sales by sending personally relevant offers based on this information.

Send timely information based on your chosen rules: You can organise the delivery of your email, according to your rules and triggers, the ones that best suit your individual business.For instance, you may want to send a welcome message when someone subscribes to your website or service, a birthday, anniversary or congratulations message.

Become reactionary to your customers responses: Remember to send messages that encourage your customers to buy higher quality items or services. Don’t forget the Amazon website check out moto and other customers also bought – extras, extras.

You may not get the right strategy the first time, so monitor your progress, analyse your results, and make subtle changes till you get the right approach for your business, don’t be afraid to ask the team for some tips and advice on how best to make the most from your email marketing.

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Email Marketing Copywriting

One of the most difficult parts of putting together any email marketing, is getting the right content or copywriting. Copywriting is essentially the use of words or ideas to promote a business, although the origins of the word comes from printing.

Email Marketing Copywriters

Copywriters, (people who write the promotional material) are often freelance and can be used on a per project basis helping reduce the overall costs of each campaign, and freeing up your time to run your business.

Accessing professional copywriters now have a professional freelance copywriter, available to assist our clients in creating new, fresh and interesting content for their email marketing campaigns, for more information on using a freelance copywriter contact us using the form below:

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